Hope Maven Mobile Games

Could your charity use an extra $100k+ annually?

- Custom games with NGO and Corporate sponsor logos

- Donate_Now button leads to your NGO donation page.

Paul Pesach Nisenbaum, founder of Hope Maven.

This is Paul Pesach Nisenbaum, founder of Hope Maven. We develop custom fun games to help NGOs fundraise. This new way to raise funds gets contributors excited.

Examples of custom mobile games

Leket Israel Match game

THE Holy Land match puzzle game with a twist!

Instead of candy, you swipe Israeli symbols in any direction like zig-zag, up and down, and side to side.

You can support Leket Israel, Israeli food bank.

Alternative to Tribute Booklets

Does your charity have a tribute booklet to solicit contributions for ads?

What do people do with the booklet after browsing through it for a few minutes?

Or does your charity have a virtual tribute booklet projected on a screen during an event?

The Alternative: With a Hope Maven custom mobile game, your charity solicits contributions for ad space on the title page of the game. Every time someone plays the game, they see the ads.